Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Braddell View to petition for reduce privatisation fee...

So one of the MPs' many obligations these days is to help HUDC owners to get a lower fee for privatisation, so that they can make a bigger killing when they go en bloc?

If the folks at Braddell View are unwilling to fork out the stipulated amount of money to privatise, they should just stay with their "semi-privatise" status. It is not as if  privatisation will bring substantial change to the way they live their lives...except for the ability to put their estate for collective sale, of course. Oh wait, that IS a substantial change to the way they live their lives... potentially.

Having said that, we wonder if Mr Nair (which happens to be the MP for our area as well) will also help us reduce the amount needed to top-up the lease of our estate. Hmm...


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